t's never too late! We offer a wide variety of dance classes for adults, including tap, jazz, ballet, "ballet shape," contemporary, hip-hop and yoga.

Adult Dance classes offer an opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, make new friends, and get exercise (much more fun than laboring on the treadmill). An especially excellent workout comes with the relatively new “Ballet Shape” class,  the “weekend redemption” class.

With beginner, intermediate and advanced adult dance classes, you're sure to find one that will be a perfect fit for your dance level. We are known for our easy, fun, relaxed atmosphere, where you can progress at a pace that is comfortable for you. And yes, we welcome men as well as women!





Receive the benefits of traditional barre’ and center exercises to strengthen and elongate muscles that are used in everyday life. Improve your flexibility, posture, and grace on the dance floor in a friendly environment.  


Develops better coordination, rhythm and timing; strengthens feet and legs. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available.


A fun and energetic class designed to build strength and flexibility through unique theatrical movements and stylized steps. Allow your own personality to explode on the dance floor.  


A non-traditional, emotionally driven exploration of motion that uses basic fundamentals of suspension, dynamics, fluidity and freedom of expressions.  

Hip-Hop Fitness

Incorporates isolation and stretching exercises to enhance student's physical fitness.  


This class is appropriate for all levels, with emphasis on building strength, enhancing flexibility and balance and exploring your "edge" in each class. Each class will be different and challenging. Yoga has been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase flexibility and strength, manage stress, and provide participants with a general feeling of well-being.  

Ballet Shape

Ballet Shape is an exercise class for Adults using the fundamentals of ballet technique at the barre with low impact. No jumps allowed in this class! Ballet Shape focuses on using repetition to target those hard to shape areas such as inner thighs, lower back, and glutes. You will continue to reshape your body with conditioning on mats.

then on to a cool down with a total body stretch. This will be your "weekend redemption" class.

Praise Dance

Praise dancing is a form of liturgical or spiritual dance. Using their bodies to help express the word and spirit of God. Praise dance is considered by many churches to be an acceptable form of Christian expression.