We offer a variety of  classes from beginning levels, to advanced for those students that want a more extensive training.

Upon enrolling your child with our school, you are entrusting a very special part of his or her education to us. We are dedicated to the task of not only teaching dance, but also to nurturing the development of the mental and physical growth, coordination, poise and grace of each individual. We encourage parents to take an active part in helping maintain an enthusiastic attitude toward dancing for your child at all times.

We encourage parents to take an active part in helping maintain an enthusiastic attitude toward dancing for your child at all times. Quite a few of our parents have taken the "leap" of sharing the joy of dance with their children by joining one of our adult dance classes.

To learn about the proper dance attire for each class, please visit our dress code page.





For 9 year olds & up - includes the basics of Ballet Barre, and Center work; introduction to French terminology that forms the basic universal language of Ballet; emphasis on proper body placement, correct body building and development of poise and grace.  


Sur la pointe, is the act of standing on the tips of the toes while performing steps from ballet. Also known as pointe work, it is performed using hard–toed and   stiff-shanked pointe shoes. Dancing on pointe requires strength and skill and is an integral part of a ballet dancer's training and repertoire. Each dancer   will be individually evaluated to transition from soft ballet shoes to pointe shoes.  


For 9 year olds and up-develops better coordination, rhythm and timing; strengthens feet and legs.  


For 9 year olds and up - stylized theatrical form of dancing; promotes good posture, strength, technique and rhythm.  


For 9 year olds to teens; incorporates isolation and stretching exercises to enhance student's physical fitness.  


For 10 year olds to teens; a combination of both Jazz and Ballet; uses the technique and discipline of Ballet with the freedom of Jazz. Students must be   enrolled in at least one Ballet class in addition to the Lyrical   class.  


A non-traditional, emotionally driven exploration of motion that uses basic fundamentals of suspension, dynamics, fluidity and freedom of expressions.  

Musical Theater

For ages 5 to 12; students learn songs from hit musicals, acting and movement.  Taught by Lauris Gibson, a member of River City Pops.  

6 Weeks Specialty Class

For ages   11 to 15; 6-week sessions of intermediate/advanced class focusing on Technique. Each session will be open to dancers in Ballet, Tap, Jazz classes level III and above (Junior High and High School aged students).  


Creative Jazz, Ballet & Tap is for fourth-year 6-7-year-olds or by
teacher recommendation.


 Ballet, Tap, Jazz I/II is for fifth-year 7-9-year-olds or by teacher
recommendation. This class is taken for two years.

Cotillion Austin-Style

This class provides training in manners, basic etiquette, communication skills, and social dance to boys and girls 10-13 years of age.