Pre-Teen Etiquette & Dance

The mission of Cotillion Austin-Style is to provide training in basic etiquette, communication skills, and social dance to boys and girls in the 10-13 age range.  SMSD Cotillion students learn how to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect, resulting in better relationships in and outside of the family circle.  We have 40+ years of experience in developing confidence through education in dance and manners!

Each Student Will  

  • Make new friends (constant changing of partners)
  • Gain confidence and poise
  • Learn to dance (Cha Cha, Two Step, Waltz, Line Dance, Fox Trot, Fifties Dances)
  • Become more comfortable in social situations
  • Learn to make introductions
  • Learn about table manners and table settings
  • Have FUN!


Please fill out the attached forms and email to Judy McPhail, teacher and director of Cotillion Austin Style, at  You may contact Judy with any questions.  You may call the Shirley McPhail School of Dance for directions and class location inquiries.

Registration Form

Payment Form

Spring 2018 Schedule

Classes always meet on Sunday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 PM (Graduation Party 4:00-5:45).

Shirley McPhail School of Dance
8020 Mesa Dr.


February 11 - Regular Class
February 25 - Fifties Party
March 4 - Country-Western Party
March 25 - Graduation Party

(On rare occasions, a class date need to be changed.)

Daniel had a great experience at Cotillion Austin-Style. He even asked me to dance when the family was out on Saturday night!”

"I really enjoyed Cotillion this fall. My favorite dances were the line dance and the fox trot. I also really enjoyed learning my table manners. They will be very useful for nice events. "

“Thank you for all you have done for my son and his peers in your class! I only wish I had understood the benefits of your Cotillion when my daughter was that age.”

"My favorite dance was the Twist."

"I am excited to use the skills I've learned to grow up to be a polite lady."

"I have had a blast at Cotillion, and I also hope you did too."

"I have loved everything about Cotillion. These past 6 weeks have been so much fun!"

“Our daughter had a really wonderful time in this class! We felt the program was well run with just the right amount of manners, dance and fun without feeling over-the-top. This is our second daughter to take your cotillion class and we are so glad you provide a relaxed and fun environment for these children to learn some useful skills.”

“My son seems more confident interacting with adults and even continues to look them in the eye while talking with them.”

I've had a great experience at Cotillion. I really enjoyed learning how too foxtrot and two step. I hope we can have a reunion party."

"I have enjoyed my time in Cotillion--especially the refreshments."

“Cotillion has helped me teach my family better manners—specially my little brother!”

"This is our third child to attend Cotillion. We wouldn't think of missing it!"