Judy Moore McPhail

Judy McPhail always loved to dance! When she attended the University of Texas, her desire was to major in dance, but at that time, you had to go through the Physical Education curriculum, so she received her BS in English and Education instead. She worked in administration and telecommunications for years, while raising her two children.

Before her marriage to Larry McPhail in 1999, Judy attended an SMSD dance recital with Larry. When she became aware that “there were tap classes for adults,” she signed up immediately and has been tapping at SMSD ever since. She also participates in the business in marketing, advertising, design work, and wherever she is needed. In 2005 Judy created SMSD’s Cotillion Austin-Style program, which she co-teaches with Edwina McPhail Worley, her “Bonus Daughter.” She really enjoys the opportunity
to be acquainted with the children and to watch their social, etiquette, and dance skills improve.

With their marriage, Judy and Larry have a huge family, including 10 grandchildren and one on the way! She is blessed to be a part of the wonderful McPhail Family and the SMSD Family, made up of all of the dancers, families, and teachers.