Laure Kersch

As a child, I loved to dance around my parents home on my toes pretending I was a ballerina. I didn't have the opportunity to take dance lessons, so I would watch t.v. and mimic dance moves. During my early teen years I started to excel in athletics and was on the volleyball team, track team, tennis team, pom pom team, baton twirling, cheerleading and learned racquetball in college.

I married my high-school sweetheart after college and we have 3 sons. Raising and homeschooling the boys through their elementary years kept me very busy. When the boys moved on to middle and high school, I had an opportunity to fulfill my dream for formal dance training.

I started dancing with SMSD in 1999 in a beginning adult tap class. My desire to acquire more dancing skills led me to take classes in ballet, jazz, salsa, and other styles. After 10 years in the SMSD dance program, I was offered the opportunity to assist in classes with Miss Trish, Miss Teresa, and Miss Jennifer. I could not have imagined how wonderful this opportunity was!

I find it a privilege to be able to work with the children and the very talented, wonderful, team of teachers at SMSD. The children fill my heart with so much love and joy which makes me look forward to every class!