Mesa Demonstration 2018

Mesa Demonstration 2018


What is the Demonstration?   Demonstration is a mini-recital in a more relaxed form.  Every child will do her/his dances on a stage in an intimate setting.  It’s a great way to see what your child has learned without the added cost of recital.

When is the Demonstration?  TBA.

Where is it? Hyde Park High School at the Quarries

What does my child wear? For combo classes: Black leotard, pink tights (no holes!).  We  have a set of matching skirts we let the children borrow. For older children: Black leotard, and the rest is left up to the teacher.

Can we video the Demonstration? Yes, and you can take as many pictures and videos as you want.  We just ask that you be considerate of others watching the  performance.

How long will the Demonstration last? For a child in two dances, the time is approximately 1 hour.  (That is excluding the 10 minutes you will need to arrive before the performance.)  Demonstration is broken up into hour-long sections starting from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM.  You will only need to be there for your block of time.

How much do the tickets cost? There is no ticket cost or charge due to the $30 Demonstration Fee you paid in January.  Yea!

What do we do when we arrive at the Demonstration? SMSD teachers will help you find where your child’s class is and you will get them seated with their class, then go out in to the audience and find your own seat.

Can I pick up my child after he/she performs? No.  People entering and exiting the auditorium are distracting to the  performers and to the rest of the audience.  We ask that  you pick up your child at the end of his/her Demonstration time.

Will all my children have the same Demonstration time? We will try to accommodate-but can make no promises.  SMSD has so many siblings enrolled it is impossible to be able to accommodate each and every family.

What if I have a conflict on the performance date?  If you have a conflict that day, please put it in a note to Edwina.  Include your child’s name, class time & day, your phone  number and put it in the tuition box. Sorry, we cannot work around sporting events, birthday parties, swim meets, etc., but we  will try to work around events such as weddings, graduations, etc.  We will also try to put siblings in back-to-back sections.  (For example Sally 1-2 PM and Jessie 2:15-3:15 PM.)  But, again, I cannot promise that for sure.  Deadline for requests are due April 1st. Lastly, please know that the SMSD Demonstration is a very special time!  Your child will have the opportunity to perform on stage with his/her class for you, and family!

Here’s hoping you and your child enjoy the entire Demonstration experience!