Georgia Holloway

Georgia Holloway is a Southern Peach born in Atlanta, Georgia. Naturally, her favorite foods
include biscuits and grits, made the Georgian way. Georgia studied Cultural Anthropology,
Graphic Design, and Fine Arts in the Northwest US, on the East coast, and in Germany. She also
apprenticed in Business Management in Munich, Germany. She is a former foreign language
teacher, and currently the Office Manager, Bookkeeper, and Graphic Designer for SMSD. You
can find her working behind the scenes in the studio office along with her four-footed helper,
studio mascot Arlo. Together, they keep SMSD running en pointe!

In her free time, Georgia is poet as well as an artist, working with pencil, ink, pastel, watercolor,
oils, and digital design. She also enjoys creating music, reading, crocheting, yoga, and attending
family events. She is an avid world traveler, and enjoys the adventure of being out of her comfort