Judy McPhail

Judy McPhail has always loved dance, and had the unique opportunity of serving as captain of the world’s first drill team, the Greenville Flaming Flashes. Greenville High School PE teacher, Gussie Nell Davis, created the concept of the drill team, and also later went on to found the incomparable Kilgore Rangerettes.

After earning a BS in English and Education from The University of Texas, Judy worked in administration and telecommunications, while rearing her two children, Brady Moore and Amanda Moore Oelrich.

In 1973 Judy was introduced to SMSD when daughter Amanda took dance class with Miss Trish. Today, two of Judy’s grandchildren, Millie and Murray, attend SMSD.

On a date with Larry McPhail, father of Edwina McPhail Worley, in 1998, Judy attended an SMSD dance recital. Surprised to discover that the studio offered adult tap, she enrolled the next week and has been a dedicated tapper at SMSD since. Her other interests are tennis, entertaining, and Mah Jongg. She and Larry feel blessed that their entire family lives in Austin—which includes twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Judy serves as Director of Marketing and Advertising at SMSD. She also does project management and design, as well as works with Larry on Quick Books and other business and financial matters. In 2005 she created SMSD’s Cotillion Austin-Style program, which teaches manners, etiquette and social skills to pre-teen boys and girls.