Patti Wilkins

Patti Wilkins is an Austin Dancing Institution! She began her training as a child
with various local teachers and continued throughout her early teen and High
School years. She began teaching at age 16 with Barbara Peevey, then continued
with Shirley McPhail for a number of years.

At 18, at the University of Texas, she studied Classical Ballet with Stanley Hall
and was a member of Austin Ballet Theater, performing monthly at the Armadillo
World Headquarters.

Later she taught ballet for the Dallas Metropolitan Ballet, then moved back to
Austin and continued to teach at her own studio in Westlake Hills.

Patti and her husband, Eric, sat on the Board of Directors for Tapestry Dance
Company for 5 years and studied tap there, as well. Patti currently teaches Adult
Tap at SMSD. Tap continues to be her passion and she enjoys helping students
learn while having fun in class.