Plaza Recital 2018 Information

Every year, the Shirley McPhail School of Dance produces a professional dance recital showcasing our students. Each of our two studios participates every other year, and this year is Plaza's Recital year!

Plaza Studio will hold its bi-annual recital in 2018. (Mesa location will be having demonstration)

A recital is a rewarding occasion for the dancers to perform and share their enthusiasm for dance with their families and friends! Participation in the recital is a privilege and should be taken seriously—regardless of the student’s age or level of expertise. Creating and producing a professional recital is a huge yet wonderful undertaking, and it is most important for everyone involved to be “on the same page.” A recital requires the SMSD staff to spend long hours of preparation, both in and out of class time. At the same time, certain things are expected of parents and students.

The mandatory dress rehearsals are held the week prior to the recital . Not all students will be required to be at all dress rehearsal dates. Please be aware that participation in the recital is a commitment, and for your child to be prepared, spring class attendance is extremely important. Please keep this in mind before committing your child to the recital and purchasing costumes. The costume deposit of $65 per child, per class, is due November 10. The non-refundable recital fee of $60 per family is due January 10. (Costume and recital fees are in addition to regular tuition charges.) Two tickets are included with the recital fee. Extra tickets may be pre-ordered or bought at the door.  If you would like to purchase additional tickets you may do so at this link

The recital date is tentatively set for Saturday, June 2, 2018. Every child whose parent signs this agreement is expected to be in attendance! During the recital, dancers sit together as a class backstage during the entire act in which they perform. This may be for as long as one hour. If your dancer is in the first act, he or she will be released at the intermission; in the second act, at the end of the recital. The backstage area is well supervised, and only staff, dancers, and assigned stage mothers are allowed in this area. Each class with students under the age of 12 is required to have two stage mothers in order for the class to perform.

Where is the Dress Rehearsal and Recital?   Both the Dress Rehearsal on  Thursday & Friday Before the Recital and  will be held at Westlake High School PAC, 4100 Westbank Drive, Austin, TX 78746 - see map.  Times for both recital and dress rehearsal will be announced later in the semester.

Attendance & Commitment

Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis in preparation for the recital. Dancers who miss multiple classes can create a disruptive learning experience for the entire class. (Kickball, soccer games, and birthday parties are not valid excuses to miss class.) Though our teachers do not expect “perfection,” they do expect each student to learn the choreography. Once staging is set, it is most discouraging for the class and the teacher if a child drops out. It would be inconsiderate to inform the teacher that a child is unable to participate in the recital once the choreography has been started. Please impress upon your child that it is very important to follow through with the entire dance year, so as not to disrupt the rest of the class, which has been working so hard.

Costumes & Costume Deposit

The deposit for a costume is $65 per child/per class. Costume fees are due in full no later than November 16! There are no refunds on costumes! (The reason costume fees are due in November is because SMSD has to order and pay for the costumes in December.) Please remember that what you are paying now is only a deposit, and you may receive a bill for the remainder of the costume in the spring, since some costumes run a little over $65. We try very hard to order the correct size costume for each child, but if any size exchanges or alterations are necessary, the fees are the responsibility of the parent. These fees can be costly, and SMSD cannot take responsibility for them. Also, if your child drops out of the program for any reason, it is your responsibility to pick up your costume or forfeit it to SMSD. Tights, bows, props, etc., are included in the price of the costume for most classes. (The exception is the upper level Ballet/Tap/Jazz classes.)

Rehearsal Policies

Dress rehearsal day is Mandatory.  You will be assigned a specific time to attend. Each student must attend the dress rehearsal in costume, ready to perform, in order to be in the recital. There are NO exceptions. So that you are able to concentrate fully on your dancer, it is recommended that you do not bring younger siblings and/or large strollers to the back stage area during dress rehearsal. Space is limited, and we are not equipped to accommodate any children other than those participating.

Will all my children have the same rehearsal & Recital times?

We will try to accommodate-but can make no promises.  SMSD has so many siblings enrolled it is impossible to be able to accommodate each and every family.

What if I have a conflict on During Dress Rehearsal?

If you have a conflict for either day, please put it in a note to Edwina.  Include your child’s name, class time & day, your phone  number and put it in the tuition box. Sorry, we cannot work around sporting events, birthday parties, swim meets, etc., but we  will try to work around events such as weddings, graduations, etc.  We will also try to put siblings in back-to-back sections.  (For example Sally 1-2 PM and Jessie 2:15-3:15 PM.)  But, again, I cannot promise that for sure.  Requests are due April 1st.


Dress rehearsal is the only opportunity for you to take photos or videos of your child performing. No photography is permitted during the recital! A professional photographer will be available the week before the recital to do costume portraits. (Appointment times will be posted.) He will also take live photos at the dress rehearsal which can be purchased online. A professional videographer will make available for purchase a video of the entire recital. Order forms for videos and photography will be available at a later date.