Trish Kellam

What do you call a person who has been given the ‘gift of pursuing and fulfilling her lifelong dream’ (which has lasted over fifty years)? The dream of teaching and working with children!

Born and raised in Dallas, my twin brother and I began singing and dancing when we were three years old. We performed on stage and television as "The Patterson’ Twins" When we were 12, a talent scout offered us a movie contract. This is when I knew that I didn’t want to dance professionally – I wanted to teach! And, believe it or not, I began my teaching career at the age of 12!

I truly feel like I have been put on earth to touch the lives of ‘little ones’ and to instill in them the love and joy of dance. Now back to the original question… what do you call this person who has been given this special gift? You call her ‘Miss Trish’!”

Miss Trish has served as a member of the Cecchetti Council of America and is Past President of the Texas Association of Teachers of Dance. She has been with the Shirley McPhail School of Dance for 42 years and is truly an “Austin Institution,” having touched the lives of tens of thousands of little dancers.